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Construite en style traditionnel avec des équipements modernes
Princess cruise
Princess cruise in Halong bay
It will be one of the most different experience in your life with the Trekking Vietnam central highlands. Riding elephants, crossing over stream, exploring strong waterfalls, and communicating to Gongs culture. Let's visit Vietnam central highlands.
trekking pu luong 4 jours
Dans le but de permettre aux visiteurs d'être inondés dans les journées d'excursion joyeuses aux régions au Nord du Vietnam, l'agence de voyage locale Fareastour lance officiellement ses offres de trekkings à Pu Luong et à Mai Chau qui satisfont aux besoins de tous les clients
Je suis sur que le circuit chez l'habitant au vietnam vous donnera des temps heureux avec vos familles ou vos amis

Dragon Pearl Boat - HLC00022

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In keeping with the tradition of wooden boat building, this 32 meter long, 8-meter wide masterpiece is constructed of the finest quality materials by the hands of skilled craftsman. Designed after the Chinese sailing Junks of old, there are three traditional sails; a 13-meter main sail, a 14-meter front sail, and a 7-meter cross sail (Other version: Mekong Kreuzfahrt).

To ensure your safety and peace of mind, the Dragon's Pearl is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to meet today's safety standards. Onboard there are 80 life vests, 40 life buoys and 4 lifeboats. In case of fire, the boat is equipped with 4 firefighter water hoses and 14 public fire extinguishers.
Kayaking in Halong Bay, Vietnam (German version: Halong Bucht Dschunke)
We are also equipped with a GPS system, VHF radio, and an automated alarm system with 27 speakers throughout.
  • Credit cards accepted: Visa, Master Card, American Express
  • Forein language spoken: English, French