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Violet cruise
Luxury Violet cruise offers the perfect mix in traditional elegance and modern comfort
越南- 這個融合了東方神秘色彩和法國浪漫風情的國家。每年數以百萬的遊客從全球各地來越南旅遊,我們擁有從東方千年文華的古老皇城到西方百年曆史的天主教堂,從殘酷的戰爭博物館到祥和的佛塔,.. 越南越走越美
Le Mékong tour est un tour très agréable pour tout le monde et pour les gens qui aiment le voyage

Hai Long Junk Boat - HLC00023

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The Hailong junks Experience is an immersion in culture, heritage and natural beauty of one of the most enchanting destinations in the world. Follow us on a journey rich in local color, luxurious surroundings, gracious services  and discover the art of Hailong Junks. (German version: Halong Bucht Dschunke)Natural wonders and unique cultural experiences lie every turn during this – your most memorable – Vietnam vacation. There are several Junks with different number of cabins on boats.

They are:  Junk of 8 and 10 cabins, and its cabin & dining table

  • 2 boats with 10 cabins each
  • 2 boats with 08 cabins each
  • 1 boats with 07 cabins
  • 1 boats with 05 cabins
  • 1 VIP boats with 02 cabins (1 double & 1 twin room)

Indoor restaurant with excellent cuisine and freshly daily catch. (Other version: Mekong Kreuzfahrt)Video recorder, Stereo system, Mobile phone and VHF system. 35 KVA e-generators are set up on boats. Kayak service.

Staff are enthusiasm and professional. Very skillful in food decoration.

Seemore in German: Vietnam Rundreise

Add on services:

  • Kayaking.
  • Party (Buffet) in the cave.

What to take:
We suggest a small, lightweight daypack for cameras, extra film, and drinking water and swimming gear, passports & spending money (no credit card accepted on board).

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