Halong Scenery

Halong Bay Cruise Itineraries

Ginger cruise
Enjoy lunch on board while the Ginger cruise Cruise to Bai Tu Long Bay
La baie d'halong
Emotion est une combinaison entre le charme et le grand confort satisfaisant la demande des voyageurs qui cherchent des croisières de luxe dans la baie
Circuit Delta du Mekong
Découvrez Mekong avec le marché flottant
It is suitable for walkinga and hiking everytime owing to 2 seasons of rice per year. Explore Pu Luong trekking to admire a stunning Pu Luong Nature Reserve.
Enjoy the exotic beauty of Cat Ba Islands and Halong via 3 days Cat Ba island tour. Travel with your private team for relaxing completely on Cat Ba Islands and beaches.
La jonque jonque oriental sun fait partie des bateaux parfaits dans la baie d'Halong
Les circuits vietnam cambodge sont le sites touristiques les plus fréquents au Sud du Vietnam.

Halong Pagoda & Temple

Quynh Lam Pagoda

The Quynh Lam Pagoda was built at the Pre-Ly Dynasty (about the end of the 5th century, begin of the 6th century) and has been restored many times under the Dinh, Early Le, Ly, Tran, Le Dynasties.

Long Tien Pagoda

The pagoda is situated at the foot of Bai Tho Mount in the Chua Long Tien Street, near Halong Market, in Quang Ninh Province. Built in 1941, Long Tien is the biggest pagoda and a well-known historical place in Halong City.

Tran Hung Dao Temple

The Trần Hưng Đao Temple lies at a strip of land stretching to the middle of the river in Yên Giang Commune. The temple and Vua Bà Shrine were recognized as historical sites by The Ministry of Information and Culture (No. 100 VH/QĐ dated January 21, 1990) (supplement to the historical complex of Bạch Đằng ...