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Jonque red dragon
Red dragon jonque est un des plus luxurieux traditionnels croisières à la baie d'Halong, un heritage du monde
Amira Cruises was established in June, 2016 Amira Cruise with the motto of comfort and convenience for tourists while resort on the Bay, the modern-style rooms,
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Une sejour indochine vous sera un billet d'entrée dans un merveilleux milieu culturel.
Itinéraire de voyage à ninh binh 2 jours

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The advantages of Ha Long bay cruise

The primary purpose of a Ha Long Bay tour is to savour the tranquillity and beauty of the water. But two or three days of utter tranquillity can get a little too tranquil -- luckily the natural and cultural endowments of the bay provide activities -- in some cases with a heavy helping hand from the Vietnamese government.

They're slow
Boats ply the waters slowly and take scenic, circuitous routes. They often stop and put down their anchors while the passengers are eating lunch.

You'll get to go caving
All tours include at least one cave visit in the price of the tour (admission on your own is 20,000 dong). The two most popular caves are the Dragon Cave and the Surprising Cave. You won't know beforehand which cave you will see -- that decision is made on the boat.
You may sleep over on the bay
Two and three-day tours always offer a night in a cabin. On any given night, about 80 boats are allowed to drop anchor in one of three designated areas -- that means each area is filled with 20 to 30 boats. Sometimes they anchor very close to one another, other times they'll find a more private spot away from other boats.